Ventilation should be an opportunity to express design intent. High flow and storm resistant louvers control water, dirt and debris while offering maximum airflow.

Louvers in-use

Louvers in-use

Aluminum Louvers feature extruded aluminum construction, high-performance finishes, and AMCA certification. They are offered in fully integrated systems, which gives architects maximum flexibility with their designs.

Our architectural louvers include drainable, non-drainable, hurricane resistant and miscellaneous louvers with various styles, shapes, colors, frame depths, and blade angles.

  • 500K Over 500,000 sf of back drained and storm resistant louvers installed.
  • ~7" CS Integrated Louvers are available in 4" to 7" depths.
  • AMCA All Louvers are AMCA Certified for energy efficiency, sound, and overall performance.

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