Sun Controls

EWS Texas offers Sun Control devices that give designers room to create a custom look while reducing a building’s energy consumption. EWS Texas can provide Sun Controls that are crafted to be both functional and complementary to the building’s façade. Coming in an array of shapes, colors and finishes, these fixtures offer a unique architectural signature while maintaining the building’s integrity.



We offer numerous styles of Sun Controls including:

  • Airfoil Lux Sunshades
  • Cantilevered Sunshades
  • Cable Suspended Sunshades
  • Grille Sunshades
  • Horizontal Sunshades
  • Perforated Sunshades
  • Corian® Exteriors
  • Suspended Sunshades
  • Twisted Sunshades
  • Vertical Sunshades
  • +15% Depending on the amount and location of fenestration, reductions in annual cooling energy consumption of 5% to 15% have been reported.
  • 10+ We offer numerous styles of Sun Controls to accommodate your needs.
  • +30% Almost 30% of a building’s heat is lost through its windows.

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