Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels, or Metal Composite Material (MCM) Panels, consist of two thin sheets of aluminum continuously bonded to a fire-resistant core. ACM is entirely customizable and is known for its flexibility, durability, and versatility. Its strength-to-weight ratio, clean lines, and flatness have made ACM an ideal choice in metal panel cladding for commercial construction projects. ACM gives a clean and modern appearance for new construction while providing more creative options than any other material. For retrofit applications, it can often be installed directly over the old exterior façade.

Aluminum Composite Panels in-use

Aluminum Composite Panels in-use

  • 2m Over 2,000,000 sf of ACM installed.
  • 50K Over 50,000 panels fabricated.
  • AAMA AAMA 508 & 509 tested.

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