Aluminum Plate Wall Panels

Aluminum Plate Wall Panel Systems, including the GENESIS™ Rainscreen, can be customized to meet an infinite number of needs for the designer. GENESIS™ provides a unique look along with easy installation. Constructed with plate aluminum, the panels are lightweight and durable. The system provides ½” wide by 1 3/4” deep panel joints, different options for joint layout, staggered or inline, as well as built-in channels to shed water. We also offer any type or design style of perforation and/or embossing and textures.

Aluminum Plate Panels in-use

Aluminum Plate Panels in-use

Available in anodized, coil coated and Kynar painted aluminum plate, we offer two systems for application and installation to solve your aluminum plate project needs.

Discover more about our ASTM tested attachment systems to determine which one best fits your project.

  • Digitally imaged perforating, custom paint or powder coated finishes for infinite possibilities.
  • NFPA Contributes to NFPA 285 Compliance.
  • Solid aluminum plate panel system with no composites or laminates used.
  • 30 30-Year Finish Warranty.

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