Preformed Metal Wall Panels

EWS Texas offers architectural Metal Wall Panels that give architects and designers the freedom of creating a custom appearance while reducing costs. EWS Texas partners with several manufacturers, whose metal panels are crafted to be both functional while enhancing the building’s appearance. They are available in a wide array of profiles, colors, and finishes.

Preformed Metal Wall Panels in-use

Preformed Metal Wall Panels in-use

Preformed Metal Wall Panel usage in commercial buildings is becoming more popular because they are economical, installed faster, and have a long useful life of 20 to 30 years.

The longevity of the metal wall panels is due not only to their metallic construction but also to the highly durable coatings used to protect them. We currently carry four panel types: Concealed Fastener Panels, Exposed Fastener Panels, EcoScreen Perforated Panels, and Liner Panels.

  • 250 Over 250 completed projects including higher education facilities, data centers, shopping centers, and stadiums.
  • 4 Panel types available for application.
  • +20 Average Lifespan of Preformed Metal Wall Panels is 20 to 30 years.

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