Series 600N

The Series 600N Rainscreen Panel System is a rear ventilated rainscreen system that provides a ½” wide x 1″ deep reveal between panels. This system is the proven solution to exterior and interior panel needs when visible caulk joints are not desired. Pockets within the continuous perimeter extrusions reveal strips that fill the ½” gap between the panels. This reveal strip can be supplied in matching or contrasting colors, giving the Series 600 systems a clearly defined joint line between the panels. The Series 600N has been improved to satisfy all requirements of the AAMA 509 test.

The 600N Series PER system meets the AAMA 508 standard for Pressure Equalized Rainscreen (PER), and is structurally tested to make an excellent line of protection for a building envelope. Panels have a ventilated cavity and the 600N PER System can be customized:


Flat or curved shapes


Sizes – As Small as 2” to 5’ wide and length to meet material limitations


Reveal joint sizes of ½’ and ¾” are standard with the option of customization of width and color


Various materials like ACM and Plate Metals with natural metals and various thickness


Solid or custom Perforated Panels

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